Working with Wool to Create Quality Clothing

Many men are taking a do-it-yourself approach when it comes to their clothing. Generic styles are a thing of a past and thanks to this rather innovative perspective, it is increasingly common to create one-off items such as caps, jackets and jumpers. Let’s take a quick look at some benefits of using wool when fashioning such clothing as well as a handful of top sewing tips in order to ensure that the project is completed within a timely fashion.

Why Choose Wool?

Many believe that this material is one of the oldest types of textiles to be used by mankind. This should really come as no great surprise, as wool fabrics are known for their ability to provide insulation from the outside environment. Another massive advantage of wool is that it will naturally wick sweat away from the body; keeping the wearer cool and dry. It is quite comfortable and unlike some other fabrics, wool is resistant to fire. All of these qualities make it the perfect option for anyone who hopes to create a unique clothing item. So, what expert sewing tips should novices take into account during the process itself?

Have a Plan

Although this might seem like an obvious observation, you will be surprised to learn how many novices choose to begin from scratch with nothing more than a rough outline in their imagination. Confusion and frustrating mistakes are nearly certain to follow. Instead, work with a template that provides you with a more exact outline of the dimensions that you are trying to achieve. This will also enable you to waste less fabric during the sewing process.

The (Modern) Tools of the Trade

Although the notion of sitting in front of a fire while sewing with a needle and thread may appear romantic at first, the fact of the matter is that this is a long and arduous process. It is always a good idea to invest in a quality sewing machine. Many modern variants are quite automated; enabling you to speed through mundane processes such as winding a bobbin or threading a small needle.

Avoid Too Much Heat

Wool is a bulky fabric by its very nature. This is often the reason why you will need to iron it flat from time to time during your project. While resistant to flames, it is nonetheless susceptible to heat. A normal iron can easily singe the fibres and there is no “quick fix” for such a mistake. Instead, place a press cloth on top of the fabric when using an iron and make certain that the machine is set to the correct settings in order to avoid any potential blunders.

Wool is a universal fabric associated with numerous creative applications. It is also quite fun to work with once you learn the basics. Please feel free to refer back to this article for advice along the way. Whether knitting a scarf or a winter jumper, the only limits are your imagination!