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Welcome to the fun and exciting lifestyle blog that is LEAT, I am always filling this place up with unique and factful content to make sure every reader learns something new. This is a challenge in itself and sometimes I find myself staring in to the clouds thinking of what I could write next, this is where you could come in!

I am always looking for active contributors to help the site grow and blossom, if your content is relevant and exciting then let’s get in touch and start collaborating!

Here are just a few basic guidelines for any collaboration that I work on.

  • The whole idea of the site is to try and get people to learn at least one thing new every day. So going with this idea I would like it so that any new content on the site is well written and informative.
  • If you have any particular pieces of media that you wish to put in a collaborative post then you must make sure you have adequate licensing rights for using the pictures.
  • The topic at hand with the collaborative post needs to be relevant to the overall theme of lifestyle which is the core of my website.

Ready to Collaborate?

If you tick all of the above boxes then get in touch through the contact form at the bottom of the page, I would be more than happy to hear our your proposal.

Email me here!

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