Making an E-Book

Why you should publish an ebook 

They say that everyone has a novel inside them waiting to be written. This could be true of you, but if you think you’re more of an information junkie than hopeless romantic or zombie sci fi fan, then you’re just as likely to enjoy publishing success with the creation of an ebook.

Being a published author before the internet was a difficult affair to achieve. It meant finding a company willing to publish your carefully crafted words and the possibility of a great deal of rejection. Self-publishing your book meant you could show your tomb to friends and family but was unlikely to be a best seller as there was nowhere to stock and sell it.

An ebook is straight forward to launch to an eager reading world and the range of what you can write about is endless. It’s just a case of deciding what you can really write about from the heart and then typing words onto the screen.

The benefits then from an ebook are that you can make money from it, use it as a marketing tool, you can spread the word through allowing free reprints and you can build your authority if you have a relevant business your work is associated with.

Selling your book

Once you’ve completed your potentially best-selling literature, it can be easily uploaded through a number of sites as a file as simple as a Word document.

Once online, you can sell copies and take payment by methods such as Paypal. There are best-selling book lists for just about every niche and you’ll only need a few sales to start to be mentioned as an author to seek out.

A marketing tool

As well as selling the book, it’s a great marketing tool. Giving the book away for free for anyone who signs up to your mailing list is a great ‘hook’ to add them to your potential customer database. Once they’ve signed up, the ebook can simply be emailed back to them.

Spreading the word

As long as it’s reprinted in entirety and marked that the content cannot be changed, adding ‘reprint allowable’ gives an organic way to spread the distribution of your book. Whilst you won’t make any money from it as you’ll be allowing it to be passed on for free, you’ll build your profile as an author and encourage backlinks from sites where it’s read. It’s also a great way to create interest in your subject and have readers wanting you to write more.

Becoming an industry influencer

If your ebook is related to your business then publishing your own work means that you can quickly be seen as an industry influencer. Being viewed as an expert in the field can help with increasing brand loyalty as well as encouraging followers to approach you for advice or to help them market their own services and products.  If you have a meeting with a potential client, give them a free copy of your ebook. It will contain information about your business, your background and an insight into the working relationship of trust which could be established.

It doesn’t matter then whether you have a burning desire to write a court room drama or a guide to organic gardening, it’s just a case of creating the book, spending literally a few minutes uploading it and then deciding how you want to benefit from it. An ebook is a great way to be creative, productive and if you put a price tag on it, create an extra income stream through literally writing about what you know.