Use The Summer Weather

We have all endured the long winter nights and the dark drives to work. We have left the home in the cold and then sat in an office all day long, only to drive back home in the pouring rain. We know the feeling when you need to have the windscreen wipers manically swiping back and forth, in a vain attempt to let you see far enough ahead to get home.

It is these days that we need to move on from and enjoy the long hours of glorious sun light which now fill our days. Suddenly, in a fit of Spring and Summer, we have full days to make the most of.

The only worry is that for most of us, we do not just sit in the garden and enjoy the heat of the Costa Del Backyard. Instead, we make the most of the daylight hours by doing chores and fix-ups around the house.

There are those projects which we have put off for months and yet, right now, they are vital. We need to finally clean the gutters, was the outside windows, paint the garden fence. The lists are always pretty endless and even if we get anywhere near the end of our own lists, our partners’ will always manage to add more projects to the list.

The dangers we actually face are much higher than any of us would really like to think about. We know that at some point, we will hit our fingers with the hammer. It is really a case of when not if we hurt ourselves. But we can take a small bruise, it is the big ones which really make us worry about the injuries.

If we are stood at the top of a ladder and it slips, then we know that is going to be cause for more than a bruise. It will clearly cause a lot more serious injuries. The gutters might need cleaning, but do we really need to risk our own health in order to do it. We can hire professionals to do that, and instead of worrying about slipping, we can be sipping a lovely cup of tea.

Most home injuries are self-inflicted. We hit ourselves with the hammer, fall off the chair whilst reaching something high, or even open the door into our foot. But not all of the home-based injuries are caused by ourselves and our clumsiness.

Sometimes you will have a product fail and cause you pain, sometimes you will have something go very wrong and it is completely not your fault. At these times there is the other professionals to turn to. Slater and Gordon are specialists in injury law and making sure that you get the compensation which enables you to carry on living your life.

Having an accident doesn’t have to be the worst part of your week. A small bruise on your thumb is actually a funny story down the pub, and one which might get you a free drink.