Too much screen time? A digital detox retreat is the answer

We now live in a society where a third of all adults prefer to text rather than talk and social media use and the use of smartphones at the table is leading to illnesses such as stress, obesity and high blood pressure.

Online life is taking its toll more than we realise and the answer is to have a digital detox. This means disconnecting from the internet and having the chance to reconnect with the real world. It’s hard to do this completely with the pressures of work so there are now a wide number of relaxing digital detox retreats springing up around the world; each with a unique offering.

Back to basics

For those who want to cast off their urban surroundings completely and spend time at one with nature, a digital detox camping experience is the way to go. Sites offering basic tents, more glamorous canvas safari or pioneer lodges or glamping locations where a yurt is where you’ll stay complete the range of accommodation. You can either spend time relaxing with a book, looking at the scenery, taking in the area with a walk or learn meditation.

Luxury living in tranquil surroundings

Digital detoxing can take place anywhere in the world; there are no boundaries to being able to unplug and unwind.

There are some incredible places you can visit to remove yourself from the hustle and bustle and at the luxury end of the spectrum are locations such as a Caribbean island where you also have your own personal life coach during your stay as well as the stunning beaches of Mozambique.

Realigning the body and mind with groups of likeminded people

Have a tech free getaway with those who are also spending time leaving behind the virtual world. Many destinations such as a ranch in California offer courses, workshops, one to one sessions and yoga and art classes.

One of the most important parts of a digital detox is remembering all the little things in life which are forgotten in the hubbub of town or city life. Joining with others you can learn all about mindfulness which is the art of being aware of being in the moment, looking to enjoy small things like a tasty meal, the beauty of scenery or the sound of birds in the trees.

A digital detox retreat is the perfect way for anyone who is determined to not use the internet as much as usual but really needs to remove themselves from daily life in order to really concentrate on taking back control and realising the importance of the life/online balance.