Things You Need To Invest In And Do To Look After Your Beard

Beards are very popular these days and with the right care, attention and styling a beard can look really good.  It is also possible though, if you are not as attentive as you should be, for your beard to look messy.  Even if you want a very untidy look, you won’t want to look like you are not taking care of yourself.  To help you grow and look after your beard so it looks as good as it can, we have put together a short guide below.

Trim It To The Desired Length

When trimming your beard, it is advised that you trim using a beard trimmer featured on or razor and shave/trim in various directions to ensure all stray hairs are removed.  Even when you want to grow a long beard, you need to trim it every so often to remove split ends.

Figure Out Where You Want Hair

There is a big difference between unshaven, unkempt and neatly trimmed and well groomed and although both have their place, if you are somewhere in-between you might look you were inattentive.  Try to pick a style and shave hair off the places you don’t want hair.

Keep Your Beard Clean

You need to wash your beard regularly.  It is crucial that you give yourself a face wash with water in the morning and at night.  You don’t need to use anything particularly harsh, just something to break through and remove the built up oils.  After washing, you should do your best to dry your beard as much as you can too.

Shampoo And Condition Your Beard

Your beard hair needs to be kept healthy and maintained just like the hair on your head.  You can even use the same shampoo and conditioner as your head or you could invest in a specially formulated beard product.  If your beard is very short, you may get away with just using soap and water, and you only need to condition your hair if its particularly long.

Use Beard Oil

Beard oil is great for preventing a build up of flaky, beard dandruff as well as stopping your face and hair from getting too oily.  Just use a few drops on your skin and work it slowly into your beard with your fingers.
Use Wax

Beard wax is useful if you want to grow a long beard and/or moustache but don’t want it to curl under your lip or into your nostrils.  You only need to use a small amount to shape it and keep it in place.  It can also be used on your beard to encourage it to grow and sit in one particular direction better.

The most important thing you need to realise about growing and maintaining a beard is that it does not involve just one thing.  There is more to it than just growing and by combining all of the above tips, you will be on the road to beard success.