The Definitive Guide To The Best Monaco Architecture

From striking new modernist designs to beautiful Belle Époque buildings, Monaco is not only one of the world’s glitziest destinations, it is also home to some of the world’s most stunning buildings. Indeed, Monaco’s architecture is diverse and fascinating, offering a spectacular range of architectural styles. Check out our guide to some fabulous Monaco buildings that showcase Monaco’s architecture at its very best.

Historical Monaco architecture

Prince’s Palace

The official residence of the Sovereign Prince of Monaco, this spectacular piece of Monaco architecture was originally built in 1191 as a Genoese fortress. Over the centuries it has been extensively renovated and extended, becoming one of the most luxurious residences of the 17th century in a style characteristic of the Louis XIV era. Today, visitors can tour the palace, including the Cour d’Honneur, the Mirror Gallery, the York Room, Louis XV Bedroom, and the Throne Room, to name just a few.

Saint Nicholas Cathedral

Built in 1875 with white stones from La Turbie, Saint Nicholas Cathedral is a striking example of Monaco architecture that harks back to the principality’s early days, standing as an important reminder of Monaco’s identity, history, and faith. Located on the Rock of Monaco, this Roman-Byzantine landmark took more than 25 years to complete. The Cathedral is the burial place of many of Monaco’s past princes and is also the venue of choice for a host of royal events.

Belle Epoque Monaco architecture

Monte Carlo Casino

One of the finest examples of Belle Epoque in Monaco, this stunning Monaco building is a must visit. Designed by Charles Garnier, the architect behind the world-famous Paris Opera House, it is located in Monte-Carlo, the beating heart of the principality. Arguably one the most beautiful examples of Monaco’s architecture, the inside is just as striking as the exterior, filled with gold, marble, allegorical paintings, and sculptures.

Hermitage Hotel

The Hermitage Hotel is another wonderful Monaco architecture example of palace style Belle Epoque. Built in the 1890s and designed by architect Nicolas Marquet with the participation of Gustave Eiffel, it stands in the heart of Monaco in the famed Monte Carlo district. It is considered to be one of Monaco’s most elegant hotels. This Monaco building’s interior is just as striking, including the lobby, which includes a spectacular glass domed ceiling.

Modern Monaco architecture

Hexa Grace

Tucked away behind the Monte Carlo Casino is Hexa Grace, the colourful tiled roof of Monaco’s Centre of Congress. Hexa Grace was completed in 1979 by the Vasarely Foundation, a museum in Aix-en-Provence.  The museum is dedicated to the works of the Hungarian-French artist Victor Vasarely, considered one of the fathers of the Op-Art movement. Considered one of Monaco’s modern artistic marvels, this beautiful piece of Monaco architecture is made up of colourful blue, green, and red coloured tiles, all set against a backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea.

Odeon Tower  

This double skyscraper punctuates Monaco’s skyline and is a wonderful example of modern Monaco’s architecture. Construction on Odeon Tower started in 2009. It was the first high-rise built in the principality since the 1980s, when their development was halted following concerns regarding over-development. Designed by architect Alexandre Giraldi, this stunning piece of Monaco architecture now stands as a beacon of a more modern and forward-thinking Monaco signalling its economic strength on the global stage. Fancy owning property in one of Monaco’s most iconic buildings? Then check out the lastest Tour Odeon apartments for sale

La Stella

This Monaco building is another wonderful example of Monaco’s ultra-modern architecture. Designed by Jean-Pierre Lotts, Le Stella’s fluid, ribbon-like façade is a striking and unique feature that makes this eye-catching building a must-see when exploring the best of Monaco’s architecture. Clad in white mosaic and with a striking glass base rising two levels, the multi-use building includes both residential and commercial spaces.