Summer body MOT

This summer has been a scorcher. The nights have seemed longer, the weekends are brighter, hotter and just begging for you to head out on the bike or to put on the running shoes.

I’ve found that my running trends have gone longer and harder. I’ve run further this year already than I did in the whole of last year. It is just so easy to get out after work and head to the roads. Getting home and throwing off the work clothes and shackles, to replace them with the running vest and trainers. It is not only great for our training plan, but great for the mind.

Running down the track, through the trees, with the birds singing in the background, there is no possible way that you can be thinking about spreadsheets nor emails.

The only issue with all of the extra sport, is the toll it could take on the body. My knees are feeling a little older than they should, so I decided that it was time to have a little check up.

I headed to the doctor and just asked for a full body check up. I explained what I was doing, how often I was training and how I felt in my own body. Well, I should probably have explained this on the phone when I booked the appointment, as I was told to come back in three weeks when I could see the physio, who would be able to give me a check over.

Three weeks later and I returned for my assessment. It took a full hour to look over all of my joints and, in truth, it could have been four or five to do the full investigation. A full body MRI might be on the cards in a few years time, but for now, this is good enough for me to know what I’m dealing with.

The news and the prognosis was pretty good. I have the usual niggles and tweaks which anyone my age could have. My knees are old, my back is old, yet my mind is young. So I’m taking that as a win. Yes, I might be using LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor an awful lot more than I used to, but at least I know this.

I know that I can carry on working on my plan for the next few races. I can put in the hard miles, knowing full well that I am fine physically to blast out the miles and watch my times dropping.

The full body MOT was one of the best things I could do. I had thought that my ankles were taking a pounding, I was considering taping them up, but the news from my check-up came back that they were one of the healthiest parts of my body. That alone saves me hundreds on tape.

The financial savings are minimal compared to the peace of mind the whole process has given me and the confidence I now have in my body.