Spring Wardrobe: What Men Will Be Wearing As The Weather Heats Up

After the unseasonably warm temperatures that the end of February gave to us, you more than likely sifted through your wardrobe looking for some of your summer pieces. Without being foolishly optimistic that such temperatures are here to stay, we do hope that the weather will continue to heat up as we head into spring, and on into summer.  Admittedly, the British sunshine does make for some unrivalled joy; however, knowing what to wear can be frustrating.

So, what will men be wearing as head into the spring-summer season of 2019?

Sage is the colour

Immediately soothing, and relaxed yet revitalising, sage green is one of the most dynamic colours around. And not only is it dynamic in its mood, but a ‘fresh’ sage can also be paired with other soothing tones such as earthy browns and muted blues. However, it also goes amazingly well with brighter hues – venetian red, orange and purple all work as complementary colours.

Light wash denim

Denim was always going to stick around for 2019. It’s one of, if not the most, classic fashion trends of all time. Men are no longer opting for a dark wash, but instead are moving for lighter washes – searches for “light washed denim” are up 70%. Lighter denim is inherently more casual than its darker predecessors, and spring-summer is the perfect opportunity to make the most of that.

Sling bags

Previously, backpacks and totes have proved the go-to options for men for their belongings. However, the sling bag is increasing in popularity more and more each season. Not only are they practical but, also, they are highly fashionable – and who doesn’t love something equal parts fashionable and practical? You can sling the bag to your back to keep it out of your way, or bring it to the front to keep an eye on it. Back or front, you’re sure to look bang on trend.

Logo t-shirt

A summer tradition as old as Wimbledon, strawberries and cream and Fab iced-lollies, printed t-shirts should be a staple in your spring wardrobe. Floral and paisley get-ups may be an excellent statement, but logo t-shirts are also a statement of the more subdued kind. A failsafe way to take your basics to the next level, why don’t you try to tap into the omnipresent, unfaltering street wear trend? Gym King is a leading sportswear brand that offers some faultless examples of exactly the kinds of logo t-shirts you should look for – both plain print and panelled.

Low profile sneakers

There are many options when it comes to footwear; summer shoes such as plimsolls, skate shoes and boat shoes will pair with just about any outfit. That said, whichever style you choose, keep the colours subtle. Subtle doesn’t necessarily mean boring, either. Black and white are both easy neutrals that work – and white in particular is still able to add ‘pop’ to any outfit. White leather sneakers are also a winner, and versatile enough to work with just about any summer outfit.