Road Trips of Europe

Living in Europe gives us amazing access to a wide wealth of interesting and exciting places to visit. Taking off on a road trip with a mate or two and ditching out on the job for a week, is one of the best ways to see the real side of the countries and experience all that they have to offer.

A trip from England down to Valencia is a great way to start. Leaving England on the night ferry from Portsmouth and arriving in Le Havre in the early hours of the morning, allow for the perfect French breakfast. Drive off of the motorway and get into the villages. It’s in the local scenes that you will find all of the picture perfect French stereo-types you know so well.

They have the cafe on the corner, with chairs outside and fresh croissants being served. The world flooding passed, as you sit and enjoy the true aroma of the freshly brewed coffee.

Taking off from Le Harve, you can aim for Paris, but stop off half-way there in Giverny. It is best known as Monet’s home village and his house is seconded only by his garden and the famous water lily pond. It is worth the hour of sight seeing and just the time to take in the full wonders of the great artist.

Heading on from Giverny, you can make Paris for lunch and sit in the gardens around the Eiffel Tower having a baguette and cheese picnic. IF you tried to be more French, then we don’t know a way, but this is the perfect lunch for any road trip. IF you’re luck enough not to be driving, then a nice glass of red wine will top this off a treat.

Back on the road and it is time to put some serious miles on the clock. The motorways will take you down through Orleans and Limoges, arriving in Toulouse for an evening dinner. It is really worth checking your car over before embarking on the long drive and you might need to head to TyrePlus to find the right options for your journey.

Toulouse is a rugby mad, French town. If you happen to arrive here on a match day, then be prepared for the best the French have to offer. They know their rugby and they know how to enjoy it. The carnival atmosphere is one to behold and really join in with.

The morning light will undoubtedly find some sore heads, but also a trip across the border. Follow any signs to Barcelona and you will make the city for a lovely beach view over lunch. Fresh paella, a glass of Rioja and the summer sun beaming down on you. Barcelona has weeks of sights and entertainments, but whilst you are in the car, drive out of the city via the Neu Camp.

Valencia is the final destination on this tour and worthy of any road trip but be sure to stop outside of the Museu de les Ciencies Príncipe Felipe to get the most iconic road trip picture.