The Red or Black Party

When you want to throw a party and you know you want to have a theme, but you have no idea what theme you are after, there is always one very safe and yet brilliant solution. The simplicity of a Red or Black party is the very essence which makes it a guaranteed success.

Dress Code

You have two choices. It’s not rocket science but still you will have to make a choice. Do you allow people to mix both red and black in one outfit? You could make them come in all black or in all red. Or you could say that they have to wear both red and black.

This might seem like a very trivial matter, but the success of your party is in the small details. Adding some directions and structure in the dress code will help people to gert more out of it.


Not all of your guests will love a pint of Guinness, in fact some of them may very well hate it. So you’ll have to be prepared for those with other tastes. A glass of rum and coke or an Irish coffee are not the most imaginative of ideas, but will help you to start the ball rolling. A Black Russian is a very easy cocktail to make and fits in perfectly with your theme. When you have built up a bit of confidence, you could always push the boat out and try a Mexpresso Martini.

Putting on a Show

If you have themed the whole night around red and black, then you can very easily adapt some casino games to suit your needs. Roulette can become red and black and all the card games are naturally Red or Black themed, if you don’t want ot have to set up a mini casino in your home, you could very quickly set up a couple of tablets or computers where your guests can easily play here any number of casino games.


The best thing about a Red or Black themed party is the ease of decorating your home. You can simply walk into any shop and buy anything which happens to be either red or black and because it is for your party, the more random the object the better. You can go into a pound store and spend very little to decorate your whole home.

A red garden gnome should be sat with a black tennis racket on one side and a black bicycle on the other. There are no rules to how random the objects should be, but we know that they will all start a great conversation.

The simple rules behind a Red or Black party are the rules which help to make sure that your party will be a success. Take the rules and run with them. Find black and red food and drink, then serve them in red cups and on black plates.

The world is your red oyster.