Prom night transport

Prom night is a big thing. Whether it’s for a bunch of 11 year olds leaving Primary school (yes, they have Proms) or a group of university students going to an end of year ball, there will always be a need to have high quality transport for people setting out to have the night of the year. Right now, there are so many options for transport on a night like that, you could be forgiven for feeling a little confused. This article is an attempt to make sense of the crazy madness that is prom night transport.

One of the most intriguing ways to get to a prom or ball in recent times has been the horse and carriage. People have recently been booking these for proms around the country, and the main benefit of using a horse and carriage is that it looks amazing. Anyone who turns up to any kind of party in one of these things is going to look good, and they are very easy to arrange. Many companies that offer party transport can now arrange for a horse and carriage. It’s a chance to look like real prom royalty.

Another great way to get to the biggest party of the year is to arrive in style in a Limo from These have been popular prom night transport options for a long time, but the size of the and the facilities inside them have made the option even more attractive. People are starting to realise that having a limo is a great way to make a huge visual impact when they arrive at the prom, and the end result is plenty of kudos.

Keeping it unconventional

Some people investigate even more unconventional ways in which to get to the prom. These include travelling in on a fire engine or even on a horse as a single rider. There are many ways to make such an impact, and it is always worthwhile talking to the transport company to see what’s on offer. Other options include a unicycle (if you can manage it) and even a motorcycle with a sidecar. The ways people get to a prom have changed massively over the years, and many guests try their best to beat each other on inventiveness and creativity.

One of the best ways to get to a prom if there are many of you travelling together is to hire out a party bus. If you all club in together you should be able to manage the price quite easily, and it means that you can all enjoy travelling together on the night.

Party buses are also decked out with the latest in sound systems, as well as having other extras such as a bar, for example. You can have a great time on a party bus before you even get to the prom, and they are certainly a fantastic way to make an entrance.

Whichever way you get to the prom, have a fantastic time. And if you get the chance to arrive in style with any of the options here, go for it.