Spoon Carving

Forgotten Crafts

Get ahead of the trends

What do Kate Moss, Julia Roberts and star of Mad Men Christina Hendricks have in common other than being celebrity A-listers? The answer is that they love to knit in their spare time and all have been snapped on set with a pair of needles and wool between scenes in their latest blockbuster.

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Guide for First Time Home Buyers

Guide for first time buyers

Making the leap to buy your first home is a huge decision, both financially and geographically as it’s a life changing commitment. It’s also very exciting to know you can close the door on a property you can call your own, you can decorate as you choose and you have all the privacy you want instead of living at home or house sharing.

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Life Hacks

5 great Lifehacks 

If you don’t know what a lifehack is then today is the day you’ll transform your life.

A lifehack is a tip to make your life easier, to help you discover the world around you and to perhaps save you time and money. Lifehacks are great ways to enhance your environment, enjoy fantastic relationships and really help you think about what you want to achieve.

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