Natural products to keep your hair looking great 

The phrase that your hair is your ‘crowning glory’ is very true. We all like to look our best and having healthy looking, well-groomed hair is one of the first things we think of when getting ready to go out.

Whilst there are many products to wash and protect the hair, there’s also a number of natural items which can really make your hair look and feel fantastic.

Lemon Juice

To have natural looking sun-kissed tresses, lemon juice is the answer. Squeeze a lemon into a small spray bottle and add three times as much water. Give it a shake and then spray onto your hair before venturing out for the day. The citric acid warms in the sun and opens the hair cuticles which lightens the strands. It’s inexpensive and much kinder to your hair than bleach-based products.

Chamomile Tea

Also great for lightening hair, it’s a natural infusion which has a gradual effect. It’s popular with brunettes who want subtle changes rather than those wanting to pep up already blonde hair. Make a pot of the tea, let it cool and then use as a final rinse after you’ve washed your hair.


Using beer on your hair has two properties; it can give subtle changes to the shade and the B vitamins help to strengthen the hair and reduce split ends.

When using beer, remember it can have a strong smell so use one which is light in colour. It’s not a product to use just before a social get together as you could have the aroma of someone who has already had a few drinks but if you’re spending an evening in pampering yourself it really does nourish and enrich your hair.


Good quality honey is essential when used as a beauty product. It’s fantastic to use as a deep conditioner and is one to use as a hair pack to leave on for 5-10 minutes after you’ve washed your hair.

Using honey will leave your hair feeling incredibly soft after you’ve rinsed off the golden goodness and you’ll enjoy the amazing smell for the rest of the day.

Olive oil

For those with thick or curly hair, they will understand the pain of a tangled mane before or after washing. Using combs and brushes is painful and leads to lots of individual broken hairs which then turn into split ends. There’s also the tugging at the root which can mean more hair is removed than necessary.

Olive oil is a fantastic de-tangler. It’s completely natural and you’ll be amazed at how easily you can remove knots. Pour a little onto your hands before washing and brush through or use your fingers. It’s especially great for using with children with long, thick hair where preparing for a hair wash is usually a battle. After coating and loosening the matted areas, shampoo and condition and you’ll be able to wave goodbye to the pain of a tender scalp and the frequent replacement of broken brushes. Add a few drops of an essential oil such as jojoba, aloe vera or coconut for extra shiny results and a lovely smell.