Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

Every single room in one’s home has its important role, but organizing and designing your bathroom the way it feels and looks as pleasant, comfortable and functional as possible is essential. After all, this is the place for your own personal time and private moments. In the end, there’s nothing like having a relaxing bath/shower after a long day to help you unwind. Precisely because of this, it’s paramount that you find your personal environment soothing. If you already have plans to redesign your bathroom, modern trends are definitely the way to go. That doesn’t mean that you can’t add your personal touches, but the accent is on the functionality and minimalism.

Choose the color palette

In general, the biggest problem people have with their bathroom is its small size. In order to make your bathroom more modern and visually bigger, neutral colors such as white, beige and even some pastel shades are the best way to go. Of course, this is not everything. To add that modern feel to your bathroom, you can mix different color tiles.  For example, if you decide to go with white tiles, at the bottom or the top of the wall you can switch to patterned tiles or black ones. If you don’t want that kind of look though, using waterproof vinyl wallpaper with whatever patterns you like is definitely one of the more popular trends at the moment – as long as you avoid clutter in the bathroom.

Create a focal point

A true characteristic of modern design involves the “use” of a focal point. This means that you choose a certain item as your focal point in a room’s design, and then continue to redesign and redecorate from that point on, paying attention to creating a balanced and harmonic look. This can also be done in a bathroom. Usually, there are two most popular options when creating a focal point in the bathroom. If you plan a major redesign and want a new bath, there’s no doubt that beautiful, modern and functional freestanding bathtubs make a perfect choice. On the other hand, if you don’t want to deal with the plumbing and other major changes and updates, choosing a statement mirror (frame) is a great way to achieve this stylish look.

Decluttering is in order

You can’t organize your bathroom properly, let alone make it modern and functional unless you get rid of the unnecessary stuff to free up the space. For starters, go through your bath and beauty products to see which ones are empty and which ones you just don’t like/use. These are the first items to go.

Add storage space

In case you have issues with storage space even after thorough declutter, think about utilizing the vertical space in your bathroom. Even floating shelves can be a real lifesaver. What’s more, open shelving is also one of the contemporary trends in both bathroom and kitchen design. This will allow you to store your towels and even use their color to create a color story in your bathroom design. Moreover, you can display your bath and beauty products, as well as get yourself decorative containers that match the overall style you’re going for. These can hold cotton buds and pads, and similar. If installing floating shelves is not something you’d want, however, you can install a hamper under the sink and/or add stackable baskets wherever you can.

Details and greenery

Adding details such as hanging photos and candles to the bathroom may be a new concept for some, but it’s actually very trending. After all, as the key to functionality is to stay minimal, wall photos and a scented candle or two can make a huge difference when it comes to the personal feel of the bathroom. When lighting is concerned, however, the best choice for smaller rooms such as bathroom is to go with recessed lights. And, most importantly, don’t forget about the greenery. Plants are very beneficial for people’s health, which is why they make an essential part of the décor, even in bathrooms. You can easily look up plants that can thrive in bathrooms if you’re worried about being able to take good care of them.

In the end, modern design is not all about minimalism or plain and cold space with accent colors and geometrical patterns. It’s about making your space as functional as possible without neglecting your own personal style.