The Many Uses Of A Waterpump In And Around Your Home

If you are not currently in the know yet; there are many different types of waterpumps, each type of waterpump has a different use. In this article, you will learn about what the ‘general’ use of a waterpump is, which types of waterpump exist and what you need to think of when looking to buy a waterpump.

Use of a waterpump

As there are a variety of different waterpumps, each one will obviously have a different use. However, there is a general use for a waterpump, which is to transport fluids from one place to another.

The higher the amount of gallons per minute and the horsepower rating of your waterpump, the more effective it will be. With a higher GPM (gallons per minute) and horsepower rating you will notice a more powerful and speedy movement of fluids.

Different kinds of waterpump

There exists a variety of different waterpumps, there are 4 primary pump types that each serve a unique purpose. The sump pump is used to remove the water that collects in the basins around the foundation of a home. Out of sump pumps, you can choose for a pedestal (above water) pump, a submersible pump and a backup pump running on batteries for either pedestal or submersible tasks.

A frequently used pump is the sewage pump, used to pump from a sewage basin up to the main sewer line.

The well pump is used to provide water to your home from underground, there are 3 different types of well pumps:

  • Deep well jet pump: Above ground pump with 2 pipes, one pipe drawing water and one pipe pushing the water
  • Shallow well jet pump: Above ground pump with a single inlet pipe
  • Deep well submersible pump: Submersible pump with a single pipe connecting from the well to the pressure tank

The utility pump is mostly used for emergencies or short-term purposes like a big leakage in the basement. It’s made for specific circumstances and thus has many types.

What to think of when buying a pump

If you are searching for a good waterpump for your situation, you should think carefully about the following things:

  • How much power do you need in order to get your desired job done?
  • Do you need to pump a lot of fluid through the pump?
  • What material does your pump need to be made out of?
  • What kind of power source would you like to use? Electricity, gasoline etc.
  • How much pressure do you need?

If you keep these questions in mind while searching for a waterpump, you will be just fine.