Managing your child’s prom night

When your child is old enough to have a prom night, you may start to worry. Not only are there some issues around behaviour and how to advise your child in this area, there are also some significant financial aspects. In this post, we will look at ways in which you can ensure that prom night is both an enjoyable time for your child, as well as a stress-free period for you. Take some of the ideas in the post on board, and you should find that prom night is not the awful logistical and financial nightmare that you expect it to be.

  • First of all, think about what your child is going to wear months in advance. The mad rush to clothing retailers in the few weeks before prom night is not pretty, and if you can discuss what you think is going to be worn as early as possible, you and your son or daughter will avoid considerable stress. By taking a trip to the retailer that is going to sell you the clothing, you can discuss the earliest times you can pick up an item, the design that your child wants and so on. Being prepared in this respect means that you will not feel stressed as the prom draws near.
  • Then we get to transport. This should not necessarily cost a lot of money, and one way to ensure it is not expensive is to try and have your child and their friends on one item of transport. For example, they could all travel in the same limo or party bus (try the party bus rental in nj from Bergen Limo) and therefore the cost of hiring the vehicle will be reduced.
  • Also, discuss some of the big issues around prom night. Your child is most likely going to feel some pressure from his/her peers over certain aspects of behaviour. At the same time, one of the last things they want is any preaching from you. Deal with this as quickly as possible again, and it’s probably a good idea that you take your child out for a meal and gently introduce the topic of behavior on prom night. You may be surprised, and find that your child is actually more responsible than you may give them credit for.
  • Many children now like a kind of pre-party to take place before the prom night really gets into full swing. This generally requires that you host it as a family. It is a great opportunity to create a good mood for the night to come, and shouldn’t be too expensive. A key thing to do here though is to buy any food or drink for the party a few weeks in advance, and slowly, week by week. This means that when the pre-party rolls around, you will have much of the food and drink already bought. It just saves money in the long run.

All of the above ideas should ensure that you have a pleasant prom night for both you and your child, with both the serious issues and the finance covered. It’s all about timing really, and preparation.