Making sure that your home is ready for a flood

Many people are now finding that they live in an area prone to flooding, and have to take precautions to ensure that their home is not at risk. If you do live in such an area then one of the best things you can do is arrange for the purchase of a FloodBlock. These are one way to ensure that you are protecting your home as best you can against the advancing water. But there are also many other quick tips that you need to take on board to ensure that flooding does not affect your life and the home you live in.

One of the best things you can do is act ahead of time. Many people wait until a flood warning is in place before they do anything to prevent water from entering their homes. Spend time throughout the year stockpiling sandbags, so that when water does hit, you have a virtually impenetrable barrier against it. This makes a huge difference, because you can pile bags very high if you wish, and have even more protection against water. Some people do think ahead and aim to get as many bags as possible in their possession whenever they can.

Ventilation bricks need covering

Another key measure that can be taken is to fit covers over ventilation bricks. Homes have more ventilation bricks than many of us think, and if you fit guards over them, they will stop water from entering as quickly as it could. It makes sense to do this and if you are facing  a flood, it is always worthwhile having a scout round the property to see if there are any ventilation bricks that can be covered. Obviously this is short term measure to get you through the flood, but if you do it quickly and efficiently, you should find that it makes  a huge difference as regards the amount of water that enters the property.

Get those electronics up high

You can also consider fitting devices and technology such as TVs on the wall rather than placing them on the floor. Wall-mounted TVs are nothing new, but people still have them on low stands too. If you live in a  flood area, consider placing them high up on the wall so that they have a chance of escaping the wet if a flood hits. The same goes for stereos and other electronic equipment that will be ruined if water gets to it. It isn’t difficult to do and with brackets available for most electronic items these days, fixing them to walls is almost an essential.

So there are a couple of things you can do to help keep your home safer and drier during a flood. Bear in mind that it is impossible to totally protect your home from a flood, but putting these measures in place should certainly allow you to keep more of your home dry than you would otherwise manage.