Making the most of the space in your kitchen 

If your home only has a very small kitchen and you love to cook and entertain, don’t despair. There are some clever tricks and great storage solutions which can transform the space. Great design, fantastic technology and the use of kitchen engineering expertise mean your cramped culinary days will soon be behind you.

The basics of increasing the use of a small kitchen

A well designed small kitchen must have little clutter and be very efficient. They are, however the place to gather, to cook, play, carry out paperwork administration and of course laugh so should never be cold and austere. Smart planning is essential to create an environment which is not only functional, but also inviting and aesthetically pleasing.


Whilst you may be a fan of dark, bold colours in other areas of your life, they aren’t hues to bring into a limited space. Strong shades will only serve to make the kitchen feel even smaller so stick to warm, light earth tones or whites and powder blues to give surfaces a sleek look.


Letting as much light in as possible will make the area feel larger. Take down curtains from the windows and let the natural illumination fill the kitchen. If more windows are needed for adding natural light, Art Construction can assist you with a total overhaul of your kitchen. You can also add downlighters to underneath cupboards, directional wall lights and finish off with on-trend low-hanging lights above the dining table which can be moved up and down with the push of a button as and when required. Mirrored splashbacks and accents will bounce extra light around and give the illusion of the room being greater in size than it is.”


There are amazing storage solutions available on the market for both fitted and freestanding work areas. Slim, slide-out racks make the most of dead spaces and ultra-modern collapsible crockery and pans (and even a kettle) mean you need less cupboard space in your kitchen. Use the area above your head as well as that at eye level to install an Edwardian style pan rack.


There are small versions of just about every appliance which are just as effective as their full size cousins. Swap your bulky cooker for a 2 or 3 ring hob or downsize to a mini oven and cooker top combination and exchange the 12-place dishwasher you never fill for a slimline or worktop model. The majority of cooker rings and baking space in your kitchen is rarely used and you’ll soon realise you didn’t need as much capacity as you thought. You can use a handblender instead of a clumsy food processor and even find bespoke units where the sink sits above both a storage cupboard and a small fridge; there’s lots of choice these days to be just as fantastic a cook with smaller equipment.


Fold-away furniture is your saviour to lots of chairs and a table constantly cluttering up the room. Choose elegant wooden chairs in a light ash or oak and team with a folding table in a similar shade so nothing dominates the room to make it feel enclosed.

Internal door

A door which opens into a kitchen instantly takes up space in your kitchen. If this is the case for you, remove it and replace with a bifold or concertina door which will open to the smallest area possible. If you enjoy open plan living, leave the door off completely to be able to talk to family and friends as you whip up your signature dish.