What Makes FreeAgent Worth Having

The number of online accounting software solutions available is increasing, and many are tailored for the smaller business looking to get value for money, save on work and get accurate results, reducing the need to employ accountancy services. The FreeAgent Accounting software package is tailored specifically for ease of use by the business operator, not accountants. As such it is unique in its simplicity and ease of use and navigation. The language is non-accountant user-friendly and the Homepage lays out the essentials in a no-nonsense way. Current debtors and outstanding invoices are immediately accessible as are an integrated tax timeline and bank balance snap shots.

Manage bank transactions and more

If FreeAgent is linked to online banking, statements will be automatically uploaded to the FreeAgent Accountant system to allow it to make use of the information. Once it is there analysing and managing transactions couldn’t be simpler. Transactions are added on a daily basis so information and analysis is always up to date, allowing cash flow to be monitored and analysed. Additional benefits of the FreeAgent Accountant package are its ability to generate VAT liability and PAYE figures.

Effectively manage invoicing

FreeAgent Accounting has the capacity to create recurring invoices; these are then automatically sent via email to clients. Additionally, FreeAgent will send reminders to customers who have outstanding invoices to settle.

FreeAgent’s timetracking capability means time spent on accounts can be monitored and invoices generated directly from source, making charging accurate and effortless.

Expense management

With FreeAgent there is no more time consuming form filling to makes claims for and keep track of expenses. A smart phone photograph of a receipt or other proof of expenses can be uploaded to FreeAgent making claims and tax return detailing simple.

Keeping up with tax returns

One of the most valuable functions of the FreeAgent software package is that it constantly calculates a tax return for Self Assessment purposes. FreeAgent calculates tax liability and produces information that can be sent directly to HMRC without leaving the FreeAgent software package. It really is as simple as making one simple click.


FreeAgent stands out among other online accounting packages. Its ease of use comes from design dedicated to meet the needs of business operators, not accountants. Everything is simplified to ensure that the everyday real-time accountancy needs of a business are instantly met and vital information available.