How Are Major Sporting Events Marketed?

Sport is one of the most popular ways people fill their spare time around the world. While this means playing sport for many of us in order to have fun, watching sport is also a big part of the whole industry. If you take a sport like football for example, it literally has billions of fans who follow their favourite league or team in every corner of the planet. When you dig a little deeper, it is also clear that the major sports rely on big events to pull in more fans and get more publicity around what they do.

This does not just happen by accident though. Clever marketing is used to spread the word about big sporting events so everyone knows about them. But just what marketing channels are used to make this happen?

Digital is fast becoming the dominant force

There is no doubt that digital marketing has become a dominant force in how brands or companies market what they do now. As more of us use the internet and smartphones to engage with the world, sporting events are also using digital means to reach us. This could be anything from online news sites carrying details of an event, blogs talking about the action unfolding as it happens or social media campaigns keeping us all informed of what is coming up or currently happening. 

Online betting sites will also carry details around major events and show the betting markets they offer on them prominently on their homepage. Of course, traditional marketing methods like print or TV advertising are still used to great effect. When combined, this integrated approach helps to get the word out about any sporting event to as many people as possible.

What type of sporting events are marketed in this way? 

The truth is that any well-known sport will have carefully planned marketing campaigns to promote any major events. Tennis is one example and will use every marketing channel they can to let fans know of any tournaments like Wimbledon which are coming up. From news on Djokovic and Nadal on to who may win the Women’s trophy, tennis will use digital and traditional methods to achieve maximum exposure.

We have already mentioned football and this is another sport where marketing is cleverly used to publicise major events like the Champions League Final, FIFA World Cup or European Championships. By making sure there is a constant flurry of news and stories in the media around these events, those in charge build up a sense of excitement around them. The same story is true for pretty much any major event you can think of – from the Six Nations in rugby to The Tour de France in cycling and beyond.

Sport uses marketing to reach more fans

As with how businesses use marketing to reach more customers, sport uses it to reach more fans. This allows individual sports to grow further over time but also makes any event they put on a real success. By using digital and traditional methods in their campaigns, they are able to connect with vast numbers of people around the globe.