How to plan the perfect hen party

If you’re the bridesmaid or maid of honour who has the job of organising the hen party for your best friend, then the best plan is to organise everything as soon as possible to ensure it all runs smoothly.

You’ll need to think about the kind of night the bride will want; a weekend in a European city perhaps, a night in the bars of your local town or perhaps a pamper night in with a girly DVD and a huge pile of pizzas. The most important aspect is that you take her wishes into consideration and don’t arrange something you know she’ll really hate. Other than that though, have fun coming up with all the elements which will combine to make an occasion she’ll never forget.

Who to Invite

This can be a challenge; is it all best friends from college and work or are there a number of older relatives who want to come along but don’t want to spend the night in a club? If you have a clash of party style guests, arrange a day event such as chocolate making or a spa session for those who don’t want to dance all night and then a follow-on event for everyone who then wants to hit the town along with those who chose not to or weren’t able to come to the daytime fun.

Choose the date

Hold the hen party a night or weekend at least a week before the big day. Never ever hold it the night before the wedding itself as this could be disastrous for obvious reasons.


Cash is king during a hen party and it’s about being realistic with what everyone can afford. With a great new outfit to buy and possibly travel costs to reach the bride to be before the party kicks off it can all add up so take this into consideration. For anything which has to be paid for in advance, don’t settle for ‘I’ll pay you later’ as you could end up with a big bill to foot yourself and then money to chase. Also – never ask the bride to collect money; this is traditionally the responsibility of the chief bridesmaid.

Location, location

Take the time to do lots of research as to where you want the party to take place. Marbella is the top spot for hen weekends at the moment but check out places you know the bride really wouldn’t want to go and avoid them. It doesn’t matter if it’s the local pub or an exotic beach destination the hen night takes place at, it’s all about girly bonding time. If you do choose to go abroad, check everyone has a valid passport before plumping for this option.

Plan your activities

With everyone turning up expecting a great day or weekend, you’ll need to have a well-organised itinerary if it’s more than a trip to the pub. The majority of hens want a fun day with perhaps a bit of naughty drinking. Check out local comedy clubs, drag venues and laid back restaurants before heading off to a great club. Arm everyone with a ‘uniform’ of a sash, tiara, devil’s horns and a shot glass ring from an expert hen party company such as My Party Monster and you’re ready to go.