Host a Real Casino Night At Home

It might seem to be a little fickle, but the biggest advantage we have found of the switch from high street casinos to online casinos, is that our parties have become easier to organise.

If you are anything like me, then you’ll love a themed party. Yes, you can have a party and just throw some music on the system and let people grab a drink from the fridge. But, there is just something we love a lot more about having a themed party.

You can go for a Great Gatsby inspired party, with opulence and elegance as the themes. You could opt for Wild West fancy dress code, a Space inspired theme or even just a simple Oscar party.

It doesn’t really matter what you choose or what options you come up with, because my favourite will be always be the same. You can think you have created the best and most ingenious party theme, but if it is not a Bond inspired party, you will always be second best.

Then once we get into the Bond category, it is all about the Casino Royale themed party. It showcases everything great about Bond. The men will be dressed up in a smart Tuxedo, the women will be allowed to go extravagant with an evening dress. The drinks will be served shaken, not stirred and there will be an almost endless supply of cocktails you’ve never heard of.

Then it is the turn of the no deposit bonus UK online casinos to make my life easier when I’m organising the party. There was always something lacking from the parties I hosted before. And now it is clear! We could set up a roulette table and we could play against each other with our own chips. We could set up some games of 5-card Texas Hold’em and then play against our own dealer.

There is no denying that it is a great night, the buzz and the excitement is almost guaranteed to start once everyone hears the click-clack of the roulette wheel and the sounds of chips being thrown on the tables.

But there has always been a hint of something missing. There was always a nagging thought in the back of my mind, that there was a simple trick we could pull off to make it even better.

Then one day, when I was playing the live casinos online, it dawned on me what we were missing. We were never able to offer it when there were only casinos in brick buildings on the high street. They were completely inaccessible to me and my party guests. But the second the online casinos came around, we were suddenly able to play the games from the comfort of our own home.

Now when I host a Casino Royale party, I have my laptop linked up to the TV on the wall and a casino game on it. This was what we were missing. It is all about the big prize, the win which gives you thousands instead of tens. So playing an online casino game, for everyone to see and play on, was the little bit of extra-imagination, which makes my party different to everyone else’s.