Google Home Now Able to Make Phone Calls

Google unveiled a new feature that enables users to make phone calls through Google Home smart speaker. The new feature should be available only for users in US with Canada coming online in few days.  Google Home is also available in other countries such as Germany, Australia, France and the United Kingdom. However, Google hands- free calling is not yet supported in these countries. Calling is absolutely free for users in the US and Canada using Wi-Fi.

Calling using the landline and mobile phones will eventually be a thing of the past as Google home calling is cost effective. You can make calls to your personal and businesses contacts stored in your Google Contacts. If you are a player at online casino sites, this will help you make calls to the iGaming provider without experiencing problems. This means dialling everyone from your iPhone phonebook is not yet available. Google Home can access your contacts, for instance, you can say “Call Peter” with a simple voice command.

Unfortunately, users receiving calls Google Home will see “Unknown or No Caller ID” popping on the screen.  This is a problem to people who don’t answer strange or unknown calls. Google voice or Project Fi users are already able to set their phone numbers as their caller IDs. Despite this drawback for non-Google voice or Project Fi users, Google announced that it is working on making the phone number or contact to be displayed by year end to all users.  

In addition, international and premium rate calls can only be supported when Google Home is linked to your Google voice or Project Fi as it requires credit. The calls are not connected to your smartphone and you can actually make calls simultaneously on your devices. This feature is activated from a smartphone with has the Google Home application installed.  Google home can differentiate voices,for example a husband and wife can call their mothers using the same device and it will not get confused.