Why France Is The Perfect Destination For Families

The astonishing diversity of France makes it unsurprising that it’s as an attractive a destination for families as it is for couples and solo travellers.

France’s appeal as a place for a family holiday has endured despite the undoubted allure of such other European countries as Spain with its beaches frequented by foreigners, Portugal with its sun-soaked resorts and Italy with its fine cuisine.

So, what are some of the biggest reasons for France’s continuing suitability for families?  

Seemingly every French city has something to offer

Paris may be supposedly the city of lovers, but it also offers a wealth of family-friendly activities and attractions, encompassing the finest history, art, landmarks and food.

Whether you bring your family up the Eiffel Tower to savour the stunning views that it offers across Paris, or instead enjoy a casual stroll through the Tuileries Garden or take in art galleries such as the Louvre or Musee d’Orsay, the City of Lights provides a thoroughly illuminating experience for all ages.

Alternatively, your family’s hearts may be most captured by Montpellier with its large centre square, La Place de la Comedie, which is one of the most gorgeous public spaces you will find anywhere on the continent.

History buffs within your travelling party are also guaranteed to be enchanted by Albertville in the Savoie region, with its centuries-old cobbled streets and narrow alleyways.

There’s always something to keep the kids entertained

Almost every sight in France has some level of appeal to children. Many of the museums of Paris, for instance, organise creative ateliers (workshops) for either solo or parent-accompanied children, while even relatively young kids can go skiing in the French Alps with their parents.

Parents with an interest in the latter may wish to know about child-friendly ski schools such as École du Ski Français, and the French Alps and Pyrenees also offer no shortage of rewarding walking routes. Simply ask local tourist offices for information on easy and well-signposted family walks.

France is also legendary for its hugely varied arts and entertainment scenes, encompassing everything from children’s films at cinemas and children’s theatres to outstanding after-dark illuminations and puppet shows alfresco.

What about the local accommodation options?

If you intend to stay in Paris or another large town or city as a family with young children, there are plenty of suitable serviced apartments available, complete with washing machines and kitchens.

But there’s also scope for a much more luxurious experience, given the ample options for chateau rental in France. These include our very own Château Bouffémont, which is a truly unique and opulent residence situated in the heart of Montmorency Forest.

It’s well worth considering accommodation that presents you with the opportunity to enjoy the best of rural and urban France. Even Château Bouffémont, for example, despite its green and tranquil countryside setting, is located just 30 kilometres from all of the stimulations of central Paris.

Whatever the size, ages and preferences of your family, as well as the depth of your budget, France really does have something to offer everyone, living up to its long-held reputation as one of the world’s most evergreen holiday destinations.