Electric Golf Carts – Are They Worth It?

Golf is a great game to play with friends, business colleagues or even in competition, and as there are many fine golf courses across the UK, you will certainly have one within a few miles of you. In fact, did you know there are more than 500 golf courses in Scotland alone? It is, after all, considered the home of the game, so that should be no surprise. No matter what your level of competency is, whether you play for fun or for sport, there are always gadgets that make life easier, and the game more fun, so what are we talking about here?

An 18-hole round can cover a lot of ground, with plenty of walking involved. Then there’s the chore of lugging your heavy golf bag, with a full set of clubs, from hole to hole. You may have a cart already, one that you push, but they can be cumbersome on rough ground, and are heavy to push uphill. Have you considered an electric golf cart? These are great devices that take the strain out of the hard part of golf, and will allow you to enjoy your game to the full. So, how do they work, and why should you get one?

The Best Electric Golf Carts

Put simply, an electric golf cart is like your manual one, but with an electric motor and other useful features. With many of them, you don’t even need to push them – they drive themselves! You may be required to provide a steady hand at times, but there are some you can operate remotely. They have different speed settings, and most claim battery life enough for a couple of full rounds.

We found a great review of electric golf cart models at bestreview.co.uk, a website offering in-depth reviews of a wide variety of items. They looked at the top 10 models on the market right now, and give comprehensive information of their best features, how they perform, availability and prices, so you can discover which one makes the best sense for you. It’s well worth a look whether you are a regular player or just a casual one, so we recommend you check it out now.

Enjoying Your Golf

A leisurely round of golf with friends or colleagues is always enjoyable, especially if the weather is fine and you have time for a quick one in the 19th hole at the end! It’s even more fun if you know you have an electric golf cart that will take the hard work out of carrying your clubs. An electric cart is akin to having your own caddy, and if you get one you can operate remotely, you can even set it to stop automatically after a selected distance!

These are not expensive items – especially if you will use it on a regular basis – and you will get a great deal of benefit from an electric golf cart, so have a look at the list now, and choose the model that suits you best.