Don & Low’s Move Into Artificial Grass Signals New Growth in Fake Lawn Market

With such a big name entering the market, those buying artificial lawns can expect more variety and quality.

More and more people are choosing artificial grass lawns for their gardens, and the industry is growing at a rapid rate. One of the biggest signs that the market was experiencing new growth was the recent announcement that Don & Low were moving into the industry. The respected Scottish textiles firm has long been a market leader and innovator, and their decision to start manufacturing artificial grass was a real boost to the artificial lawn market. So, what will they bring to a sector that’s new and exciting, and how will customers benefit? Well, here’s everything that you need to know.

About Don & Low

Don & Low have been a major force in the textiles industry since 1792, and have earned an outstanding reputation for quality and dedicated customer service. It is this that’s helped them to remain a leader in an ever more competitive industry. As well paying close attention to creating quality products and customer relations, they’re well known for investing in and developing new technology. This eye on the future could explain their decision to move into the artificial grass industry. A growing market that still has plenty of potential for advancement, it’s a natural next step for Don & Low.

Exciting Plans

The official statement from Don & Low regarding their new artificial lawns is as follows: “Working collaboratively with our raw materials and machine partners, as well as multiple years of extrusion and manufacturing experience, has meant we have some very exciting grass developments to bring to the demanding and performance driven artificial grass market.” An astonishing 3,500 tonnes of grass yarn will be able to be produced in 2018 alone, with potential for even more investment and expansion in 2019 and then 2020.  They want to take synthetic grass yarn technology to the next level and use their technical leadership position in other textile sectors to improve grass yarn. This will surely benefit the entire synthetic turf industry.

Increasing product quality

According to the manufacturers themselves, all this research and investment has allowed Don & Low to create new, superior grass yarns. These will go above and beyond the current industry specifications, and will usher in a new era of quality in the industry. As well as artificial turf for gardens, Don & Low are also looking at developing turf for a wide range of hard wearing and skin friendly lawns for both landscapes and sports. So our public spaces could be transformed too – which would be a huge boost to an already booming industry.

Investing in an artificial lawn

More and more people are opting to transform their outside space with an artificial lawn. With Don & Low bringing even more quality and variety to the industry, fake lawns will only become more popular. If you’re thinking of investing in one for your home, be sure to bring in the professionals. Artificial grass installers with plenty of knowledge and experience will be able to lay your new lawn quickly and safely, leaving you fee to enjoy your new garden.