Cool home innovations and inventions

We all want to spend less time cleaning, cooking or carrying out dull housework chores when we are home. Relaxing with the family is important when we have busy careers and full social calendars and so every advance in home technology helps that little bit more with the dream of putting our feet up with nothing to do except recharge our batteries.

Every year there are new inventions which are designed to make our home lives more pleasant and this year is no exception. Here are just a few gadgets and gizmos which are available now, due to launch soon or in the advanced stages of development. 

Home harmony

In the past, smartphone apps were all about gaming, information gathering or monitoring aspects of life such as statistics during exercise. There’s now a number of apps however which are linked to sensors in the home and it’s now possible to make changes to heating systems, turn lights off and on to provide home security, monitor for changes in carbon monoxide levels and even arm home alarms – all through voice commands. One app in particular is leading the way with voice passwords which mean that it can be locked down as tightly as the home security system it manages.

Home help robots

The Jetsons had it made with their robotic  home maid called Rosie. Whilst the cartoon which took the world by storm in the 1950s and 1960s was set way into the future, there are now a number of robots which are being developed to help with household tasks. One such artificial intelligence is called Budgee and can follow its owner at a speed of 2.4 miles per hour as a personal assistant. It can carry up to 50 pounds and can cope with a number of terrains as well as ramps. Lightweight, it folds up small to be stored in the car for when out and about and a little help is needed with the shopping.

Wifi dinners

Fans of Bake Off and Masterchef may be inspired on a daily basis to create great food for the families. For many though, cooking is more of a chore than an exciting event but with the introduction of an oven with wifi connectivity, it is designed to help with all manner of aspects of culinary creation.

The oven comes complete with its own downloadable app called Discovery IQ which can then – amongst other things – find recipes and guide the cook of the house through each step. It will eventually be able to have other apps stored in the gigahertz processor and 512 of RAM from Google Play which will mean no more soggy bottoms to pies or burnt brownies.

Facial recognition guardian angel

Having CCTV in the home can feel intrusive and there’s still no knowing when people arrive and leave the home if you’re not there. With the arrival of facial recognition combined with home security now, there is now a gadget which knows when various members of the family enter and depart and then send notifications via smartphone.  The Natamo Welcome is great for knowing the children are home safe and can also send alerts if letter boxes, windows or even drawers are opened unexpectedly. If you have a invention that you’d like to protect, the Patent attorneys at will certainly be working with clients who utilise virtual technology such as this.