Cold Winters Make Exercise Difficult, Better Warm Up in a Home Gym

Winters are already here as there’s a chill in the air. With the advent of winters, the mercury drops and so does your motivation to stick to your exercise regime and diet plans. Many of us would prefer to eat more and do less. But what will that do. It will start to add pounds, especially around the abdomen area.

Don’t Feed that Negative Dialogue

We don’t think much of it but when we don’t go out and stay indoors, it feeds into the negative dialogue that we already have for ourselves when it comes to our overall physical outlook. Body shaming is the last thing that we would expect ourselves to think about, but we do it, subconsciously as well.

Although overindulging in food is what our minds find comfort in, like cheese filled pizzas, chocolates, coffee lattes, smoothies, crisps it’s the last thing that we need for our bodies. It can also add to our growing expenses, by buying more comfortable clothes that account for a growing belly. Many people also avoid the mirror if they know that their exercise routines will be disrupted.

This is the definition of winter blues in the most relatable sense. Although there are legitimate reasons to stay indoors, because of catching a cold or some other illness, it’s in our best interest that we continue to work out when we warm up indoors.

High Intensity Workouts are an Australian Indoor Favourite

A high intensity interval training is the kind of workout that health conscious Aussies love. It’s a style that will get results, fast, and it’s efficient, but only works if you do at the same time. That being said, it becomes difficult to get up every single chilly morning and motivate yourself to do a workout. High intensity workouts can also happen indoors and are a great way to stay in shape. They help you shed fat and building muscle, simultaneously.

It works by way of repetition of similar exercises in a short time interval to get the body energized and heated up to shed those fat cells while promoting muscle growth. When your body is deprived of the oxygen it needs in this HIIT type routine, and it causes you to expend energy in the recovery stage. It also causes you to burn fat way after the time that your workout is complete.

HIIT is the perfect workout for Australians to practice indoors, especially in cold weather. When they step out into the cold, the fat burning and calorie consumption mechanism allows the body’s temperature to be stabilized.

Gym Equipment? Rent is the Answer

Even if you don’t want to go all out on your routine, the key is consistency in maintaining your routine throughout the winter. If you require weights, treadmills and exercise machines for the winters when it’s too cold outside, you can get it from This way you’ll still like the way your body looks come spring and you’ll be able to feel great about yourself instead of being depressed about how you couldn’t continue working out in the winters.