Choosing your engagement ring

The excitement is felt immediately when you begin to look in shops at engagement rings and browse through the pages of choices at online sites. Trays of glittering stones set in precious metal, every ring wants you to choose it to wear to show your commitment.

You may already have a set idea of the style you’d like or perhaps you’re planning to have a bespoke crafted ring but even so the selections can feel a bit confusing.

The solution is to relax, have a cup of tea and really take the time to think about it all rather than making a rushed decision. There’s no need to buy the first ring you see so have a read of this article to find out about the different styles available. That way you’ll have it a little clearer in your mind as to the rings you’ll want to try on when you start to visit stores or make a choice online.


The diamond solitaire is now the most popular style for engagement rings. Combined with a band of perhaps yellow or currently popular rose gold, these designer engagement rings will really highlight the reason why this classic style is still the first choice for so many.

Solitaires show off the beauty and fire of a single diamond to the absolute degree of perfection. It’s about seeing facets sparkle in the light combined with the precious gemstone sitting delicately on the finger.

Halo rings

If you’re looking for a fashionable style with a historic past, then Halo rings should be considered. They first came to popularity a century ago and are now joined by their designer cousins the Double Halo.

A Halo ring has a tightly enclosed gem which is then encircled by smaller stones; with a Double Halo it is two circles. The usual cut of stone for either is either round cut brilliant or princess cut in the center. A Halo or Double Halo is the epitome of sophistication.

 Three stone rings

Three stone engagement rings have huge symbolic meaning; they are representative of ‘yesterday, today and tomorrow’ and as well as being a beautiful choice for an engagement occasion, they are also popular as eternity rings.

The reason three stone rings appeal to many is because they look so pleasing on the finger. They are also a good lifestyle choice for those who don’t want stones with height because they may become snagged on equipment when at work perhaps.

There’s a wide range of three stone ring designs so you’ll always find one for you –whatever your lifestyle or fashion look. Some are simple and clean cut and others have intricate design features and mixed colored stones to really stand out.

Choosing a ring is a personal one so think about what you like and don’t be swayed by price tag, what others are wearing or what you think you should be wearing. The ring for you will catch the light in a way that it outshines others and at that point you’ll know it is really calling your name.