Do Your Child’s Teeth Look Misaligned? What Causes It And What To Do About It

There are a number of different reasons behind why your child’s teeth may be looking misaligned. Maybe they’re suffering from an underbite or an overbite, or maybe it’s just a case of crooked teeth. Thankfully, these sort of symptoms are a natural progression when children’s baby teeth fall out and their new teeth come in – and can be corrected by wearing a brace. This article provides you with all the information needed when it comes to finding braces in London or getting some much-needed dentistry for your child. Take a read below to find out more about the causes and effects of your child’s oral hygiene. 

What causes teeth alignment issues in children? 

When it comes to teeth alignment issues in children there are many different reasons behind why their teeth grow cooked. Underbites or overbites are often inherited genetically in a similar way to eyes or hair colour and stem from jaw alignment or protrusion – or  perhaps when upper and lower jaws are a different size. Alternatively, it can be the case that a child’s mouth is simply too small to fit those adult teeth in and they grow crooked. This is normally combatted by wearing a brace or by simply waiting until the mouth his fully developed to assess what treatment is necessary. 

How do we solve it? 

Teeth alignment issues can be easily solved by the simple treatment of wearing a brace. Many children are reluctant to wear a brace but if the dentist recommends it, they should certainly be encouraged to have one fitted. Braces are an often painless treatment designed to correct teeth alignment issues and ensure you have straight teeth well into your adult life. Most of the time braces will be recommended by dentists, but sometimes you may need to go in search of private dentistry to get the job done. It’s worth making an appointment with your dentist to find out more about how a brace can help you child’s oral hygiene. 

Where can I get treatment? 

Make an appointment with your local dentistry today to find out more about the benefits and drawbacks, as well as your child’s suitability for a brace. An NHS dentist will be able to diagnose the reasons behind any misalignment or overbite through examination and x-ray, and will stipulate a brace to be fitted once these tests have been done. Alternatively, if you’re unhappy with how your teeth look and your dentist isn’t willing to fit a brace, you can always pay for braces to fit yourself using a private service, such as Ten Dental. 

There are many different reasons behind why someone is suffering from crooked teeth or an overbite, and all of them are completely natural and a normal sign of growing up. Most of the time our mouths haven’t grown at the same rate as our teeth which causes the crookedness. Also, there’s no need for a child to fret about getting braces on their teeth – they’re actually way cooler than they may first think!