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Balancing Cortisol Levels by Changing Your Lifestyl

Cortisol is a hormone that acts as the messenger to pass the activity of particular organs or cells in the body. Most people refer cortisol as the stress hormone, which makes it sound evil. Cortisol plays a primary role in influencing how people react to stress. However, it has other helpful roles physiologically. The hormone is responsible for three primary mechanisms that assist the body in sustaining a state of balance. The hormone raises blood sugar, regulates inflammation and increases blood pressure. Through these mechanisms, cortisol directly modulates life-sustaining processes like: Continue reading…

Being vegetarian and protein; how to get the balance right

Many meat eaters who want to make the change to vegetarianism are often concerned that they may not have a balanced diet; protein in particular being the element they feel they may be missing the most.

There are a number of foods however which are a rich source of protein which aren’t meat based and there also some great meat-substitute products you can buy to ensure you enjoy a full and healthy three meals a day. Continue reading…

Benefits of hiring gym equipment

If you’re like most people on the planet you will have struggled with joining and staying at a gym. The hard work involved in developing the discipline required for regular gym attendance is a real problem, and many people just leave their gym memberships to languish while they get on with their busy lives. This is why having gym equipment at home is becoming the next big thing for vast parts of the population. But buying gym equipment can be costly and this is what may have put people off before. Things have changed though, and with the increasingly popular option of hiring gym equipment from companies like Hire Fitness, anyone can have a solution in their home that gives them the fitness they deserve. Continue reading…

Fruit and Vegetables

5 A Day Top Tips

Most people now know they should be eating 5 portions of fruit and vegetables each day. There’s often confusion though around what is a portion, exactly why it’s important to include them and how to incorporate into meals. Those on a budget sometimes feel it’s expensive to buy for a family and so don’t add them to the shopping trolley.

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Life Hacks

5 great Lifehacks 

If you don’t know what a lifehack is then today is the day you’ll transform your life.

A lifehack is a tip to make your life easier, to help you discover the world around you and to perhaps save you time and money. Lifehacks are great ways to enhance your environment, enjoy fantastic relationships and really help you think about what you want to achieve.

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