Should You Buy a New or Used Home?

Buying a house is one of the most stressful of all the things you will do during your life, and there are so many decisions to make that it can be one that takes up a great deal of your time. For instance, what sort of house do you want or, more to the point, need? Do you have a family, and are looking to move up the ladder to something bigger? Or is this your first home, and you are looking for the best available space for the money?

These – and other – considerations will be highly influential in terms of what you decide to do, so we thought we would help by giving you some tips on how to choose the right home, and how to make it easy to put your own mark on it. After all, if you are buying a house that has previous owners, you don’t want to be living with their décor and taste! So, which is it to be? Will you be buying a new home, all shiny and fresh and with everything ready to go, or will you be looking at older properties with cozy fireplaces staffed with night briquettes that are ripe for you to make into your own?

The Pros and Cons

Let’s look at it this way: what are the benefits and pitfalls of buying each, old or new. We’ll start with a new build: the positives are you may be able to buy off-plan and choose your spot, everything will be new, and you can start afresh with a blank space. The major downside is that, especially with starter homes, new-builds tend to economise on space, so to speak, and are built to as tight a dimension as possible.

With an older house, you will undoubtedly get more house for your money. You might also get more outdoor space, dependent upon the type of house. You may also benefit from period features. The problems can come with older plumbing and wiring, and the need for a complete redecoration project. Painting an older house can be a chore, but we recommend you check out paint sprayers – great machines that will make your life much easier – at, an excellent website that gives you all the information on these devices, and you really do need one whether you are buying old or new!

Enjoy Your New Home

Of course, the main thing you need to do is enjoy your new home. It can be a chore deciding on what you want, finding one, and going through the buying process – and then there’s the renovation or decorating to come – but it will be worth it in the end, and you and your family will end up with a house that you can really call a home.

Check out those paint sprayers and, if you are going to be doing more work around the home, also look at other power tools, and you will find that you enjoy your repainting and remodelling more, too.