Believing the Salespeople

I work in an industry populated with salespeople. We sell stuff, it is the whole reason for our company’s very existence. It makes sense that almost everyone I work with should be a naturally great salesperson.

They make you believe that you are the most valuable person in the room and that everything you say has merit.

It is an amazing place to work, mainly because everyone is so super positive about everything. We can do anything if we work hard enough and put in the energy. It is just an attitude which pervades from the top down. It might sound cheesy, but is this attitude which really makes the office a nice place to work.

It is also one of the office’s biggest hang-ups. Everyone is a salesperson, from the owner down to the receptionist. You come in as sales and then you have moved around. Our HR department is made up of failed salespeople, so it is pretty much next to useless.

I had to go into seething my boss a few weeks ago to look at workload. I felt I was working at near complete capacity, yet I was suddenly handed two major projects to run. I pretty much drowned at the thought of having to do this, let alone actually taking on any of the work for them.

So, I booked the meeting with my boss and outlined my fears. He listened, he made all the right noises and he even came up with a plan for how we would handle it. I took notes and actually thanked him for his understanding. The whole meeting was very positive and we had the right solution planned out.

Then I realised that I work for a sales company filled with salespeople. They are very good at telling you what you need to hear for them to make the sale. I say I realised, it was more of a slow realisation over the weeks as nothing changed and my workload only increased.

It started to break me, so I went back in to see the boss. Yet again I was given the sales pitch and everything was going to change. Only this time I didn’t believe him. It was just words to me and I knew that they had very little worth.

I walked out of the office and back to my desk. I had had enough and couldn’t face anymore works, luckily for me, I knew where to turn and I was playing within seconds.

Sometimes in life, it is not about the big wins, nor the big picture, but about snatching ten minutes of fun and excitement in an otherwise boring day.