Is the Age of AI Here?

Though artificial intelligence was long thought to be a dream brought to life by science fiction, the leaps made in this industry even in the last five years has been astounding. AI is now more commonplace than ever before. Therefore, we have to ask, is the age of digital over, and has the age of AI arrived?

Investors Keen

One indicator always worth investigating is where the investors of the tech industry are placing their money. Top figures like Utah-based Ryan Smith or London entrepreneur Tej Kohli are choosing to put their money toward, amongst many other projects, the development of AI technologies.

That we can see a definitive pattern of some of the top investment minds leaning towards supporting the development of technology such as this. These shrewd minds do not spend their money if they do not think the project is worth the investment. The fact that we can see many top investors beyond Smith and Kohli choosing to put their money into this sector is a great indicator that this is one that is receiving a lot of attention from those with the power to make a difference. Many of the companies and top-end investors have been pouring attention into this area for years now, and it is likely that we will soon see investment come in on the lower end of the spectrum too.

New Companies with Clear Visions

It can often seem like a new tech start-up bursts onto the scene each and every day. There is always something new to explore in this industry, and it is full of opportunities waiting for those willing to chase them down.

It is not just the investors who are flooding the market with opportunities but the companies too. The scope for AI could benefit many types of business, so it is important that as many companies as possible are able to pursue their ideas. Even if this market may appear over-saturated, there are so many leads to chase down that it makes sense that there are so many companies. If you are searching for one sector that is all working together for a greater purpose, you will definitely find that here.

AI is Already Commonplace

Another great indicator that we have already entered the age of AI is simply that we are surrounded by AI already. It is far more commonplace than many of us believe. An easy place to find AI is in the many gadgets we have throughout our homes. Got an Alexa or a Google Home? That is powered by AI, as are the assistants on our smartphones.

Even something like our computer games are taking advantage of AIs to create unique gaming worlds. The development of games with active NPCs that respond to the environment as the player changes it are emerging on the market, to critical acclaim. As can therefore be seen, AI is already here and it is making waves. As more and more of us implement it in our daily lives, it is clear that the age of AI is upon us.