7 Ways to Get Your Furniture Refinishing Business Off the Ground

Do you love to refinish furniture? Then you could get in on a business that’s in big demand. And with that big demand could be big bucks.

But turning your skills into a business may seem a bit more daunting. However, as you’re tempted to make it harder than it is, we are going to help you make it a bit easier.

We will show you 7 ways to get your furniture refinishing business off the ground.

Set Up Shop

There are different options here.

a. You can operate from your workshop at home. People can call you there and you can set up appointments to look at their furniture repair.

b. You can be a mobile service, operating right out of a cargo van or a passenger van that could be adapted into one. Then you give people your cell phone number so they can contact you.


Talk to property managers, movers, hotels, restaurants, furniture stores, schools, business owners, hospitals, government offices – any place you can think of that could potentially need your services. If you have some business cards, hand out as many as you can.

In any of these places, furniture gets moved often, and sometimes gets damaged in the process. For that reason, they need repairing.

You might also want to talk to antiques dealers and designers to see if you can advertise your business with them, and get some referrals.


This could be a good way to get your foot in the door, building sort of a “furniture refinishing portfolio.”

You could go to auction sales, and buy some pieces for a good price. You do refinish or repair them and display these as examples of your work. If your work is real good, people will notice.

You could also take these same finished pieces and sell them. You could either advertise them locally, or list them online. You might even earn a decent living from this alone.

Keep Your Eyes On the Competition

What is their reputation? Do they do good work? Can you find reviews or talk to customers who have done business with them?

The key here is two-fold:
1) find something they’re doing, and do it better, and
2) find something they’re not doing that people want, and give it to them.

Find An Advisor

You might not find this person in your town. The only ones who could potentially advise you are the competition. That’s out.

Try going to another city and talk to a furniture refinishing person there. If they’re tight-lipped, try someone else until you find a willing participant.

Buy a Local Business

There is a chance that there might be a furniture refinishing and repair business that is going out of business. If that is the case, maybe you could consider buying it.

They might have a decent sized shop, and all the tools you need. They might have a long-standing reputation as well. It might be worth it.

Buy a Franchise

If you have a good-sized budget, maybe franchising could be an option. There may be more formalities to take care, but there are some advantages as well.

You’re buying into an established name. They have the reputation, the training and the marketing to back you up. All you need to do is supply the work.

Despite how daunting it may have seemed to you at first, you can make this happen. We hope you have success in applying these 7 tips to get your furniture refinishing business off the ground.