6 Tricks Athletes Use To Get The Perfect Night’s Sleep

There is no denying that athletes owe their tremendous successes to their coaches and fitness trainers. Just look at the most successful players and athletes- they spend a good amount of time in gym and take a great care of their diet. Actually, it’s the fitness that keeps them on track. No matter how great you are, you will lose the stamina as you start ignoring your fitness. What’s special in the fitness and training of the athletes that keep them fit all the time? There are a number of good trainer centers including Origym’s online student zone where you can learn for yourself and gain fitness like any athlete. We hope it’s going to help a lot of people who want athlete’s inspiration in their daily routine for the perfect night’s sleep.

Follow a Timetable

Sleep is measured in 1.5 hour cycles. During one cycle, a person body passes all the stages of sleep and it’s really important to pass get sleep in the very cycle. For an adult, 5 cycles of 1.5 hour are enough for an active and fresh start of the day. For example, if you sleep at 11PM you should wake up at 6:30AM in the morning. Wait for the 1.5 hour cycle if you miss your schedule any day.

Sleeping in the Fatal Position

Many people sleep on one side. They either sleep on their back or stomach. It’s lethal for your health. As discussed earlier, it’s better to pass all stages of sleep in order to keep yourself relaxed when you get up. Turning onto the right side while sleeping helps your heart work normally because it’s located on the left side.

Don’t Sleep on Stomach

Sleeping on the stomach has a number of severe impacts on health. When you sleep on the stomach, your head is tilted. With a tilted head, it’s really hard for the brain to get proper blood circulation. And it leaves you with a headache as you woke up.

Set the Temperature

Temperature of your room where you will be sleeping matters a lot. A comfortable temperature lets you enjoy perfect sleep. Keep the temperature between 16-18 degree Celsius. Higher temperature will leave you dehydrated in the morning.

Choose Correct Bedroom Items

Many people may find it unnecessary but it’s true that your sleeping items have a massive impact on the sleep. With right pillows, comfortable mattresses and bed- you can gain amazing sleep without waking too much. Set your bed items that offer comfortable sleep. Furthermore, light in the room affects your sleep, too. Keep your room as dark as possible. Turn off phone, all the illuminated lights and displays.

And Eat the Right Food

And finally, food is very much important. Eating spicy, hot and unseasonal products leave you with health problems. Make sure you eat less sugar and sodium, include fruit and vegetables in your diet and make it as delicious as possible. It will show on your face.