Life Hacks

5 Great Lifehacks 

If you don’t know what a lifehack is then today is the day you’ll transform your life.

A lifehack is a tip to make your life easier, to help you discover the world around you and to perhaps save you time and money. Lifehacks are great ways to enhance your environment, enjoy fantastic relationships and really help you think about what you want to achieve.

Here are the top 5 lifehacks which will enrich your day, put a smile on your face and set you on the path to being successful and happy.

Become mindful

Being mindful is about remembering simple pleasures or the small things in life which are often forgotten in a busy world.

As you live each day, savour your food, listen to your breathing, go for a walk and always have a book nearby you can pick up to read. Set small goals for each day such as cooking yourself a meal, creating something artistic, recording thoughts in a journal and most important of all – laugh as much as possible. These small things will all help you see the world through new eyes, increase your ability to relax and realise what is important.

Make a long distance relationship easier

A long distance relationship was once unusual but is now very common due to work commitments or starting a relationship with someone you’ve met online and so is not geographically close.

It’s often not an easy situation when you want to be someone who means a great deal to you. Plan trips so you have something concrete to look forward to, ensure you communicate as much as possible, surprise them with little gestures such as an unexpected postcard, small token of affection or a message telling them how you feel.

Recognising when you’re under too much stress

Too little stress can mean that we aren’t sufficiently mentally challenged. Too much stress however can make us unwell and it’s knowing when we have too much to deal with and that something has to be done. Take a look at your life and the changes to make if you recognise the following:

– Constantly exhausted but unable to sleep

– Suddenly very absent minded

– Feel ill much more than usual; more colds and feeling run down all the time

– Emotional swings

– Digestive issues such as stomach discomfort and nausea

How long to take a nap to optimise your brain power

Taking a nap will recharge your energy levels and help you concentrate. The amount of sleep though is important as different amounts of time could make you feel great – or groggy.

To get the most from your nap, here are the best – and worst amounts of time to have 40 winks.

10-20 min: your energy levels will be boosted and you’ll wake feeling alert. Great for waking up and getting on immediately with your next job

30 min: In the long run you’ll feel great but you’ll wake up feeling as if you have a hangover and it will take another 30 minutes to shake the feeling.

60min: the optimum time to enrich your brain to be able to remember facts, numbers and names. You’ll wake feeling a little tired but this will soon pass.

Keeping a work-life balance

Being snowed under at work can make it hard to justify enjoying yourself in the evenings and at weekends. The temptation to remotely check emails or having your work mobile with you on holiday is a sure sign your work-life balance is tipping in the wrong direction.

Set yourself the following 3 goals and the balance will quickly even itself out:

  • Recognise your limits; know when you’re doing too much and take some time out for a physical and mental rest
  • Increase social activities; the more time you book in your diary to spend with friends or enjoying a hobby, the less work can creep into your life
  • Take some days off; everyone will cope without you so don’t stack up your holiday allowance, treat yourself to random time off – just because you can