3 Benefits of Using an Eyelash Serum to Grow Your Lashes

Long, luscious, and luxurious lashes are an enviable trait and coveted by people all over the world. However, not everyone is blessed with a healthy and full set of lashes to flutter at their whim. Whereas some people turn to expensive salon treatments and eyelash extension procedures to get the lashes of their dreams, there are ways to enhance your eyelashes from the comfort of your own home.

Eyelash serums are the up and coming products on everyone’s lips. But how exactly can using an eyelash serum boost the appearance of your lashes? Let’s discover 3 benefits of using an eyelash serum.

Boosts Your Keratin Production

Keratin is a type of protein that makes up your hair, skin and nails. Eyelash serums, such as those made by cosmetics brand Xlash, promote this natural protein structure in the body, which can stimulate eyelash growth and strengthen any gaps in the follicles. This can lead to an increase in lash volume once new lashes start to grow. Above all, by boosting keratin production, eyelash serums can essentially hijack the natural eyelash growth cycle.

The average eyelash takes approximately 3 months to grow, and, at any time, there are around 150 natural lashes on our upper eyelids. If you have noticed that your eyelashes are falling out at an alarming rate, or you are unhappy with the quality of your lashes, it is reassuring to know that there are ways to enhance this process. Subsequently, eyelash serums are a unique way to stimulate lash growth and encourage overall eye health.

Can Be Used as a Remedy for Hair Loss

Eyelash serums can be used by patients who suffer from hair loss and live with conditions such as Hypotrichosis. This rare form of hereditary hair loss and thinning of the hair shaft typically begins during early childhood and progresses with age. For people living with hypotrichosis, eyelashes can be slow to grow and appear brittle, thin, or sparse. Research seems to suggest that use of eyelash serums can lengthen the growth cycle of eyelashes leading to longer, darker, and fuller lashes.

Moreover, if you are insecure about the condition of your eyelashes, using a lash serum can help to boost your confidence. If you do choose to use a lash serum to enhance the appearance of your eyelashes, it is advisable to be careful about how you apply it. Try to avoid getting products on other areas of your skin or in your eye as this can cause discomfort, infections and even lead to a stye. Additionally, as with any beauty treatments, always check with your doctor to find out what is the best option for you.

Quenches Your Eyes with Extra Moisture

As anyone who has ever suffered with dry eyes will admit, finding a way to quench your eyes is the best way to provide instant relief. A lot like general skincare, tired and parched eyes can be uncomfortable, which is why it is so important to restore any lost moisture. Mascara can be incredibly drying and have a weakening effect on your lashes and this in turn can lead to lash breakages and dry eyes.

Eyelash serums can essentially moisturise your lashes by soothing and nourishing the hair follicles. Dry eyelashes can feel itchy, which can lead to scratching and an increased risk of infection. Nonetheless, using a high-quality lash serum can counteract this dryness and repair damage done by other beauty products. A lot of formulas are also now gentle enough to use alongside lash extensions, helping to care for your natural lashes and ensuring they grow back longer and stronger.

Ultimately, using an eyelash serum is one of many ways to enhance the appearance of your natural eyelashes. As part of a holistic beauty routine that involves maintaining a nutrient rich diet, and taking care with your skincare routine, using an eyelash serum can give your lashes the encouragement they need to grow longer and stronger. 

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