6 Great Tips For Losing Weight This Year

As spring soon becomes summer, it will be time to get out the bikinis, show off your skin and muscles to the world and head to the beach.  You may be feeling the pressure if you want to lose some of the weight you gained over winter.  Although there is no “one approach for all” way of going about it, we have put together a selection of tips below that you can use. Continue reading…


Things You Need To Invest In And Do To Look After Your Beard

Beards are very popular these days and with the right care, attention and styling a beard can look really good.  It is also possible though, if you are not as attentive as you should be, for your beard to look messy.  Even if you want a very untidy look, you won’t want to look like you are not taking care of yourself.  To help you grow and look after your beard so it looks as good as it can, we have put together a short guide below.

Continue reading…

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What to Expect from Computer Geeks IT services

Most people these days have heard the term ‘computer geek’ and understand it means someone who is very technically skilled with computers and understands what they do with considerable depth. But whilst some computer geeks may seem a little preoccupied only with all things computer, their skill, knowledge, advice and at times considerable talent can greatly assist business, whether small or large. Of course the amount of work that a computer geek will provide for any business will depend upon the amount of work commissioned. Continue reading…

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A limo can take your wedding day to another level of luxury

Getting married is the biggest day of your life and because of this, you will want to plan every last detail. This is a day that will happen only once in your life, so it is important that you not only choose the right location for the ceremony and the reception, but also the classiest form of transport. You are definitely going to look the part in what you are both wearing so why not get the sort of vehicle and driver that will make you feel ‘on top of the world.’ Continue reading…


Tips on How to Have the Perfect Wedding

One of the most important stages in human life is a wedding. Since time immemorial, weddings have been highly regarded as an important and sacred occasion in all parts of the world. It is an occasion of joy and happiness which brings different people together to witness love between two lovers. We all want our weddings to be memorable and smooth. This doesn’t happen just like that and a lot of effort has to be put in planning prior to the wedding.   Some people even spend years to make sure they plan for the grand wedding and it goes down the memory lane of all present. You can ensure that you make this day perfect by following the simple steps and advice given by Wickes. Continue reading…

Hen Party

How to plan the perfect hen party

If you’re the bridesmaid or maid of honour who has the job of organising the hen party for your best friend, then the best plan is to organise everything as soon as possible to ensure it all runs smoothly.

You’ll need to think about the kind of night the bride will want; a weekend in a European city perhaps, a night in the bars of your local town or perhaps a pamper night in with a girly DVD and a huge pile of pizzas. The most important aspect is that you take her wishes into consideration and don’t arrange something you know she’ll really hate. Other than that though, have fun coming up with all the elements which will combine to make an occasion she’ll never forget. Continue reading…


What to look for when reviewing an online jewellery seller

Buying jewellery online brings with it a certain degree of uncertainty; however much you research and check out a company and their products you’ll never know 100% what the piece will look and feel like until it arrives.

Reviewing a number of companies however will give you comparables you can use to choose the business you’re happiest dealing with and which also has the jewellery you’re looking for.

Here then are some tips as to what to look for when you review an online jewellery business. Continue reading…


Getting ready for your big day: Organising everything to say ‘I do’

A wedding is essentially about the bride and groom, a time of happiness and joy and the bringing together of two families in the act of the marriage. In reality however there are usually many more aspects to consider and organise and whether it’s a large, lavish affair or an intimate ceremony involving just close family, there are important elements where planning ahead will ensure everything the happy couple wants can be booked, hired or bought without a last minute panic. Continue reading…

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Too much screen time? A digital detox retreat is the answer

We now live in a society where a third of all adults prefer to text rather than talk and social media use and the use of smartphones at the table is leading to illnesses such as stress, obesity and high blood pressure.

Online life is taking its toll more than we realise and the answer is to have a digital detox. This means disconnecting from the internet and having the chance to reconnect with the real world. It’s hard to do this completely with the pressures of work so there are now a wide number of relaxing digital detox retreats springing up around the world; each with a unique offering. Continue reading…