Backing up your Emails

We live in a digital age, which has its merits, and one of these merits is email. Can we remember what life was like without it? Email is now so essential that when most people get asked their address, this is what they think of first. For our personal and business lives, it is extremely hard to think what life would be like without it. Continue reading…


Zen Your Zones: Create A Stree-Free Home With Feng Shui

Stress, busy schedules, too many chores and a hundred things to do on our checklist sometimes make life feel overwhelming. If you feel like you want to slow down, but you don’t know where to start, why not begin by creating peace and tranquillity in your home? I know that life gets busy and messy (insert new baby, overtime, family commitments, friends etc) but a declutter certainly helps the soul. When you live a life free of clutter and mess, you tend to be able to get your head a little straighter. And to top it all off, coming home to a space that is serene, beautiful and calm can only be a bonus. Whether you believe in Buddhism, Yoga, Feng Shui or not… you can still Zen your zones for a better, healthier and happier life. Continue reading…


Habits Of A Forex Trader

New Forex traders typically bring their deposit to the table and little else. To be successful in Forex trading, you must hone your craft with months of practice, hundreds of hours of study and a solid foundation in both technical and fundamental analysis. Otherwise, your new endeavor will do little more than pad your broker’s pockets. Continue reading…


6 Great Tips For Losing Weight This Year

As spring soon becomes summer, it will be time to get out the bikinis, show off your skin and muscles to the world and head to the beach.  You may be feeling the pressure if you want to lose some of the weight you gained over winter.  Although there is no “one approach for all” way of going about it, we have put together a selection of tips below that you can use. Continue reading…


Things You Need To Invest In And Do To Look After Your Beard

Beards are very popular these days and with the right care, attention and styling a beard can look really good.  It is also possible though, if you are not as attentive as you should be, for your beard to look messy.  Even if you want a very untidy look, you won’t want to look like you are not taking care of yourself.  To help you grow and look after your beard so it looks as good as it can, we have put together a short guide below.

Continue reading…

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